Student Registration

Region 14 uses a centralized student registration process. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible by providing all the information and assistance needed to complete the registration, making it more convenient for families with children attending more than one school.

New students (Kindergarten - 12th grade) and those transferring within our district will need to complete an online registration form (New Student Registration button above)  for each child entering the district. Once the form is complete, please contact Maggie Gildea, Enrollment Coordinator at (203) 263-5508 or email Maggie Gildea to complete the process. 

You will need to provide the following items so that the registration process can be completed:

  • Student's Birth Certificate OR Valid Passport
  • 3 Proofs of Residency:
    • Mortgage OR Lease Agreement OR Notarized Affidavit of Residency
    • Utility Bill
    • Driver's License (stickers are not accepted) OR Pay Stub OR Bank Statement
  • Student's Prior School Records (not for Kindergarten) - Records Release Form
  • Student's Health Assessment Record
  • IEP/504 (if applicable)
  • Custodial Papers (if applicable)

There is a 24 to 48 hour processing period from the time all required information/documentation is received. Student’s Health Records will be reviewed by our school nurses as part of processing and parents will be notified if any there are any questions or problems with the records.

Upon completion of the registration process, your child’s school will contact you directly to set up an appointment for course selection (Grades 6-12) and a start date.

Returning Student Registration

PowerSchool registration is our web based Annual Registration for your child. Included in this registration is relevant emergency, health, and handbook information, as well as the Acceptable Use Policy for Region 14 students. If you did not receive an email or letter with the link and instructions, please contact Maggie Gildea at 203-263-5508 or to receive a snapcode and use the link above. She can also be contacted if you are having difficulty accessing or completing the registration or if you have any questions..


Notice of Withdrawal to Attend Other Schooling

If your child will be withdrawing to attend other schooling, please complete this form.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What form do I use to have my child's school records sent to Region 14?

A:  Records Release Form


Q:  What Proof of Residency document can I use if I don't have a mortgage or a lease?

A:  Affidavit of Residency or Declaration of Legal Residence


Q:  What forms do I need if my child is not immunized because of religious or medical reasons?


Q:  Can I register my child before he receives his annual physical?

A:  Yes. The registration process can be completed without the physical form however your child cannot begin school until this form has been received and verified by the school nurse.


Q:  What document do I need if I am moving to a new address within the school district?

A:  Change of Address Form


Q: Which elementary school would my child attend?

A:  All residents of Bethlehem attend Bethlehem Elementary School. If you are a Woodbury resident, generally, students attend Mitchell Elementary School.