Food Services

Students in Region 14 are provided each day with a high quality, nutritionally balanced meal, consistent with the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), the calorie goals and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Students also periodically receive fresh vegetables and produce grown on site at Nonnewaug High School by students at the Ellis Clark Regional Agriscience & Technology Program.

The Region 14 Food Services Department strives for the following goals:

  • Incorporate culinary principles of taste and presentation
  • Focus on customers served, incorporating regional, cultural, and other preferences
  • Provide safe meals for children
  • Make meals accessible to all children
  • Reinforce classroom nutrition education by providing a “learning laboratory” for healthy food choices
  • Assist in increasing appreciation of food origins, cultural food history, variety of foods, and relationship to environment and agriculture
  • Provide education in the preparation and service of healthy, economical meals
  • Link with a school nutrition policy promoting healthy food choices throughout the school

All foods are prepared in our school kitchens with special effort to make as many items from scratch as possible. All lunches meet the new Recommended Dietary Allowances ( 1/3 RDA ) for lunch and Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Low fat alternatives are also incorporated into the lunch menu.

At the elementary school level, multiple entrée choices are offered daily along with fruit, vegetable, bread, and milk.

Woodbury Middle School students are offered the choice of one entrée or the Boar's Head Deli Bar or Salad Platter.

Nonnewaug High School student lunches consist of choices for hot lunch, pizza lunch, or deli bar (featuring Boar's Head deli meats.) Students also have the option of buying any of the above items à la carte along with our grill station where a student may purchase a grilled sandwich, French fries, or soup. Salad platters are made fresh and offered daily at the high school as well.

À la carte items are: french fries, sides of vegetables, fruits, salads, sandwiches, ice cream, snack items, and bagels.

Region 14 offers families the convenient on-line prepay system called MySchool Bucks. Parents can make payments, check the status of your account, or view student's food purchasing history.

Federal and state reimbursements along with government commodities help offset the cost of lunches for students. A school lunch is less expensive than a lunch of equal nutritional value packed at home and eligible students receive meals free or at a reduced price.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.


Regional Cafeteria Manager

Tamika Lui-Amaral

(860) 567-0863