School Counseling

The school counseling program is an integral part of Woodbury Middle School's total educational program.The school counseling program is developmental in sequence and designed to address the needs of all students in academic achievement, career planning and exploration, and knowledge of self and others. The school counseling program aims to help each student reach their full potential.

Goals and Vision

The overriding goal of this type of model is to provide all students in grades sixth through eighth a comprehensive, proactive school counseling program suited to their developmental needs as growing, maturing citizens. A middle school guidance program is for all students and includes certified school counselors who provide specialized counseling services and interventions. The program is organized and planned and is sequential and flexible. Guidance is an integral part of the total educational process at Woodbury Middle School and thus assists students in learning more effectively and efficiently.

The emphasis in developmental school counseling programs shifts from working with individuals to working with all students, from remediation to prevention and from unplanned/unstructured to systematic and accountable. The aim is for school counselors to spend 80% of time administering direct services to students via comprehensive guidance program, individual planning, and responsive services.

Our vision is that upon completion of our developmental guidance program, students will have developed skills in the personal/social, educational, and career domains. We hope to enhance the total educational experience for each student so that they will be more likely to become productive citizens in their future endeavors.

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