The academic program at Woodbury Middle School is a multi-disciplinary approach that includes Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science as well as World Language, Music, Art, Physical Education, Health and Technical Education. The WMS calendar is split into trimesters where core year-long classes meet daily.

Students participate every day in our Wellness program. Each student will rotate through PE, Health and Music classes weekly with school counselor’s rotating in on a regular basis delivering a social emotional learning curriculum called Second Steps. These classes are required of all students at Woodbury Middle School. Beginning in 8th grade, WMS students can choose to take French or Spanish to add to their core program for the year.

Exciting course offerings include areas of computer design, programming and coding, art and sculpture and kinetic design, engineering and broadcasting, small group and jazz music ensembles and culinary courses. A new Capstone Experience was added in 2018.

students in  class

Teachers work collaboratively throughout the year to support students in the classroom and to help ease the transition into the middle school community as a whole.

Students in all grades meet regularly in advisory groups where they discuss topics such as time management, study skills, social interaction and preparing for high school.