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The voters in Bethlehem and Woodbury in 2013 approved a $63.8 million renovation plan for Nonnewaug High School to bring the building up to standards to meet the needs of a modern high school school program. The site designs and plans for infrastructure improvements will transform Nonnewaug High School into a state-of-the-art 21st century school facility by 2020.

The project is being overseen by the Region 14 Building Committee, comprised of Board of Education members, school administrators, parents and leaders of the towns of Bethlehem and Woodbury. They are working alongside consultants from the S/L/A/M Collaborative and Colliers who are managing the design, approval and construction process.

The renovation project is designed to allow teaching and learning to go on concurrently and virtually undisturbed at Nonnewaug High School while construction is in process over the next three years.Region 14 taxpayers are sharing the cost of the project with the state and will be responsible for approximately $38.7 million. The State of Connecticut’s maximum reimbursement of the remaining $25 million is based on eligible costs for the overall project that was approved by voters in 2013, subject to final State audit.The project is classified as a “renovation” and the state requires 100% of the 145,000 square-foot NHS building footprint be addressed in some form in the plan.

Project Overview

The proposed project includes the design and renovation of 145,000 square feet on the current site of Nonnewaug High School.

The renovations include programmatic improvements to areas including Liberal Arts, Visual & Performing Arts, STEM and Athletic areas as well as the creation of flexible classroom spaces for project-based, collaborative learning.

Also included are operational improvements such as energy-efficient HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as upgraded safety and security features and improved traffic flow that all meet ADA compliance and codes.

Key Features:

  • Modern science labs
  • Full auditorium with performance stage, available for community use
  • Rehearsal and performance areas for band and chorus
  • Visual arts rooms
  • Technology and Liberal arts areas
  • Athletic and fitness facilities

Board of Education and Committee Calendar

Invitation to Bid

Programmatic Improvements

Liberal Arts

New classrooms with new technology and dedicated small group areas for English, Social Studies and World Language


  • All new or replaced Classroom Labs – Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Science and Physics
  • 5 new Math classrooms with new technology and dedicated small group work areas

Visual & Performing Arts

  • Auditorium/Stage improvements – seating, lighting, stage, “pit” area
  • Reconfigured (flat floor) Band and Choral Rehearsal Room for improved flexibility
  • New Music Tech Classroom and Practice Rooms
  • Improved Costume and Prop Storage Rooms


  • Renovation of existing fields including new backstops, dugouts and over seeding at grass fields
  • 4 new tennis courts
  • Irrigation of existing fields
  • Add handicap accessibility to all areas
  • Add walking path around the fields
  • Additional parking
  • State-of-the-art gymnasium with new basketball floor, divider curtain and new bleachers
  • New locker room facilities including team room
  • New state-of-the-art Fitness Center

Hands On Learning

  • New Robotics Workroom and Project Storage Room
  • Culinary Arts Lab adjacent to Cafeteria and new ADA compliant appliances
  • Video Production Lab relocated into Academic Building
  • (2) Business Tech Labs
  • School Store and Ion Bank branch -- improved locations

Safety & Security

  • Add Secure and Easily Identifiable Building Entry
  • Enclose VoAG Connection to High School
  • Separate Bus, Student, and Parent Traffic Circulation
  • Add interior connector between Academic Building and Student Services Building
  • Add interior security cameras

100% Building, Life Safety & ADA Compliance

  • Improve Acoustic Separation between Learning Spaces
  • Install Sprinkler System with Fire Alarm System Upgrades
  • Install 4th Exit from Gymnasium to increase allowable room capacity
  • New Energy Efficient Windows and Exterior Doors
  • Roof Coating System
  • New Plumbing, Electrical and Lighting Systems
  • New HVAC Systems including Equipment, Distribution and Controls Systems
  • Add Exterior Wall Insulation

NHS Renovation Project Slideshow

Building Committee Members



  • George Bauer, Chair
  • JP Fernandes, Vice Chair
  • John Chapman
  • Matthew S. Cleary, P.E.
  • Patrick DiSarro
  • Don Fiftal
  • Andie Greene
  • Tom Hecht
  • Mike Molzon
  • Janet Morgan
  • Brian Peterson
  • Robert Piazza





(PE = Licensed Professional Engineer)




inforgraphic of Building Committee makeup

Building Committee Meeting Minutes

Board of Education Building Committee
Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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