Music Ensembles and Classes

Students will create, perform, and respond to music in a way that prepares them to understand and experience music through a variety of styles and musical genres. Students will become self-reflective musicians, thinkers, and learners and will have the ability to transfer these skills to other areas of their lives. Students who participate in music classes at Nonnewaug High School will have the opportunity to participate in various concerts, festivals, community, and school events throughout the year. The music department allows students to engage the school and community through co-curricular music ensembles after school. The Jazz Ensemble focuses on the American music developed especially from ragtime and blues. The Jazz Ensemble allows students to explore the characterization of the style through the syncopated rhythms, ensemble playing, and through soloing and improvisation. In the Pit Orchestra allows students to perform in a full orchestral and performance opportunity with the Drama Club. The Tri M National Music Honor Society allows students the opportunity to explore how music engages society through education, performing, and leadership.