Business & Technology

The Business and Technology programs at Nonnewaug High School are designed to explore many aspects of business, industry and technology. As the studies within the business field crowd the top of many lists ranking the most popular college majors, it is important for students to gain exposure to this field as early as possible. The programs within the department open pathways to higher education, future employment and lifelong learning through outstanding academic programs in accounting, marketing and related technologies. Courses offered address the technological demands of today's economy and provide a foundation for advanced studies.

Students will prepare to become productive and contributing members of our ever-changing society by learning the necessary skills and knowledge required for a successful career in the twenty-first century. Students will demonstrate that they are independent, Technologically-adept learners and collaborative, adaptable team members who respect diversity and successfully work with others to reach a common goal. They will also demonstrate they are conscientious, responsible adults who contribute to the welfare and improvement of the local or Global community.

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FBLA is an acronym for Future Business Leaders of America. Every student at Nonnewaug High School is encouraged to enroll as a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. FBLA is a club activity which meets after school. It offers students a chance to participate with other FBLA members throughout the State of Connecticut in a social and competitive environment. Students take on leadership roles by holding office in our local chapter, as well as participating in various competitions at the Spring Conference held each year in April.


DECA is a business club for those students involved in the Marketing program at Nonnewaug. In order to become a member of DECA, students must enroll in either Marketing I or II. Members promote business and professionalism throughout the school community and prepare themselves for life beyond high school. The club competes in the annual State Leadership Conference and participates in a number of school and community events. Students must be members of DECA to work in the Nonnewaug School Store.

Connecticut Student Film Festival

The Connecticut Student Film Festival provides an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to compete with schools throughout Connecticut and attend a red carpet film screening event in association with the Connecticut Student Expo sponsored by Skills21. There are several categories for students to enter and showcase their editing, production, and digital storytelling skills. The event offers an opportunity to experience a legitimate festival setting and meet others with similar interests.

Business & Technology Courses


.5 credit (meets technology requirement)

Students will gain introductory knowledge of video game design through utilizing the program, Stencyl. A series of games will be created using step-by-step instructions provided by the software and textbook. Students will follow a design to create a video game and test their work. Each game builds on skills from prior programming adding new commands and variables within the games created. The final project is to design and build an original video game. No Prerequisite Required; College Prep

.5 credit (meets technology requirement)
This course will allow students to learn basic audio/video techniques including video camera operation, editing techniques, and many other operations in the video production field. Students will work on various video projects throughout the year, applying the skills they have learned in class. This course focuses on the production of creative videos. Topics/genres include commercials, suspense, special effects, movie trailers, animations, and more. No Prerequisite Required; College Prep


1 credit of full year / .5 for half-year (meets technology requirement)

Students may take this course for half year or full year and may enroll for multiple semesters.

This course is designed to allow students to plan, film and edit a wide variety of video assignments. Students are expected to apply filmic techniques to clearly and professionally deliver message. Students will work in groups but are encouraged to work independently on projects of interest. This course can be taken more than once by students with a serious interest in the field of video production. Students will submit work to the Connecticut Student Film Festival as part of this class. Submissions allow students to focus on a genre of interest or skill. Assignments are differentiated based on the number of years the student has taken this course. Student’s with interest in pursuing visual arts in college or as a profession are encouraged to take this course to help build a digital video portfolio. Prerequisite: Video Production or Environmental Video Production


.5 credit (meets technology requirement)

Students learn the fundamentals of nature videography and documentary filmmaking. The class focuses on environmental themes including animals, plants, scientific topics, and human interaction with the environment. Through hands-on practice, students are trained in the fundamental principles, techniques, and craft of creating documentary style short nature films. Students will practice technical skills including voice over recording, natural sound recording, field interviews, videography, script writing, computer editing, and research technique. The course will utilize the natural surrounding on which Nonnewaug High School resides and incorporate the indigenous habitat into the coursework.

MOS (Microsoft Office) CERTIFICATION 9-12

.5 credit (meets technology requirement)

Students will demonstrate their ability to be a Microsoft Office Specialist by obtaining certification which is recognized throughout industry and colleges. MOS certification is the leading IT certification in the world. It allows students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office. This certification promotes student success in the classroom, builds individual distinction which can be used on all resumes. Students will be able to take the MOS Certification test at the completion of the course. No Prerequisite Required

TECHNOLOGY TRENDS (Formerly called Trending APPS) 9-12 .5 credit (meets .5 for technology requirement)

Students will be introduced to new and current technologies available. By researching current technology, students will have an opportunity to stay up to date on new trends and technologies in the world. They will have the opportunity to work collaboratively towards completing a comprehensive project for the Verizon App Challenge. They will create interactive posters and materials using Aurasma, which will bring their work alive using a combination of techniques! Students will also explore the world of Artificial Intelligence and the impact it will have in the future. Evaluation will be based heavily upon projects. No Prerequisite Required

.5 Credit (meets technology requirement)
Computer Animation Concepts is a one semester course to introduce students to the principles and skills of computer animation. Students will use the software programs Adobe Illustrator, Flash, & Photoshop to create original animations. This course will focus on student creation of animated characters and objects and animated sequences for use in banner ads, animation shows, graphic presentations and insertion into videos. Students will utilize Flash, coupled with Fireworks, to bring graphics and images to life while using techniques such as sizing, feathering and manipulating images. Evaluation will be based heavily upon projects but will also include quizzes, tests and a final exam. No Prerequisite Required; College Prep


.5 credit (meets technology requirement)

Spinning the Web is an introductory course in Web Page design. Students will learn the fundamental major components of XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 to hand-code a valid web page. During this half year course, students will also learn about computer networks in web design and computer coding and how they work, the history of the internet and web pages, and identify the different careers associated with web page design and computer coding. This knowledge is also applied in the development of a comprehensive final project website by each student. No Prerequisite Required; College Prep


1 Credit

Marketing I is an introductory course that focuses on marketing theory and concepts, economics, salesmanship, advertising techniques, distribution, merchandising, and career planning. Practical applications through projects and computer applications such as Virtual Business are used to develop hands-on marketing examples. Marketing I students are encouraged to join FBLA or DECA, when available, and participate in the state-wide competitions. Exploring this growing and dynamic field offers students exposure to the vast marketing system that exists both globally and within the United States. Marketing I will emphasize marketing terms and concepts, preparing students for Marketing II and experience working in the Nonnewaug School Store. To receive College Career Pathways credit, the student must successfully complete Marketing I & II with a 70 or better average for the course. Marketing I is highly recommended for sophomores and juniors who can then take Marketing II in one of the following academic years. To gain entrance to Marketing II, students must complete Marketing I with a 70 or better average for the course. No Prerequisite Required; College Prep


(Formerly called Marketing 2) 10-12

1 Credit

Enter the exciting world of Sports, Fashion and Entertainment Marketing as a continuation of Marketing I. This course will cover advanced Marketing topics including distribution, market research, pricing and entrepreneurship. Students will develop a number of real world business proposals and explore the ever-changing environment of business in the 21st century. The class will conclude with the development of a class-wide business from start to finish. During business development, students will discover marketing and business concepts. Students will participate in state conferences and regional competitions. In addition, students will continue to have the opportunity to take an active role in the school’s chapter of DECA as well as the daily operations of the Nonnewaug School Store.

*Students have the option of repeating Advanced Marketing for a third year marketing course. Students will use this year to work on advanced topics in marketing and participate in the Marketing Internship. These students also often hold leadership positions in the Nonnewaug DECA chapter. The students will meet in conjunction with the second year advanced marketing students. Prerequisite: Marketing; College Prep


1 Credit

Students learn the basic accounting cycle for sole proprietorship and partnership forms of business. They learn to analyze transactions, enter them in general and special journals, and post them to ledgers. Practice is given in the preparation of worksheets and financial statements. This course also illustrates accounting for personal use, such as checking accounts and bank reconciliations. Evaluation includes application problems, tests and simulations. Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks are taught and utilized extensively throughout this course for purposes of journalizing and preparing financial statements. Accounting is recommended for all students planning to pursue business studies and those students enrolled in the Vocational Agriculture Program. To receive College Career Pathways credit for Accounting, students must complete Accounting I and Accounting II with a 70 or better average for the course. Students may begin Accounting I in their sophomore year. No Prerequisite Required; College Prep


(formerly called Accounting II) 10-12

1 Credit - Dual Enrollment with the University of Bridgeport

Financial accounting is designed for students who wish to expand their knowledge of Accounting and possibly pursue a career in Accounting/Business. The focus of Accounting II is on corporations and end of the year financial statements. Topics of study include: special journals, uncollectible accounts, inventory, notes and interest, voucher systems, plant assets, depreciation and departmentalized systems. Evaluation includes application problems, tests and simulations/reinforcements. Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks are used extensively throughout this course for journalizing and preparing financial statements.

Upon completion of Accounting I and II students are eligible to receive college credit from the University of Bridgeport Prerequisite: Accounting; College Prep


.5 Credit - Highly Recommended Course

This course offers students an opportunity to gain vital knowledge in personal finance to make each individual more successful in their financial lives and is highly recommended. The students will learn how to develop their own financial plan, research careers, prepare budgets, and use credit wisely. They will also learn about different types of investments and insurance. Students will be challenged by The Stock Market Game, a 10 week online program in which they will have the opportunity to invest $100,000 of game money. Teams of 3-4 students will compete against others throughout the state using actual closing prices from the NYSE, and NASDAQ. No Prerequisite Required; College Prep