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Mitchell Elementary School is a great place to grow up! We strive each and every day to make learning fun, engaging and everlasting. The teachers and staff here at Mitchell work collaboratively along with the teachers and staff at Bethlehem Elementary School to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning. We build curious minds to ask those essential questions which help our students to make connections to their own experiences and the experiences of others. Region 14 has also undertaken a district wide initiative called “The Vision of the Learner”. This is a project that has embraced the entire community, business leaders, post-secondary educators, local politicians, Board of Education members, teachers, administrators, students and parents. The purpose of the initiative is to try and define what attributes and characteristics we hope to instill in all Region 14 students beginning in Pre-K through graduation.

It is so important for our students to build compassion and understanding of all cultures, races and beliefs. We live in a global community where everyone’s opinions and ideas matter. We have created an environment which emphasizes diversity and flexibility in the way we view our fellow human beings. This mindset is built into our daily expectations so that we create both socially and emotionally healthy students, staff and community.

We have also adopted the RULER program in grades Pre-K – 5. This program, which is developed, facilitated, and supported through Yale University, allows us to educate our students, staff and parents about how we can regulate emotional wellbeing. The acronym RULER stands for the following:


The RULER program was piloted this past year in a first grade classroom at MES and a second grade classroom at BES. A group of administrators, school counselors and teachers were trained at Yale University for 5 days. The rest of the faculty and staff were trained by those who attended the Yale training. This coming year both elementary schools will fully implement the program for all elementary students. We believe that real learning is only possible when a student feels safe and comfortable socially and emotionally in their lives.

The COVID-19 virus has had a significant impact on every aspect of our lives. Teachers, students and families were asked to do nearly the impossible. But without hesitation the teachers of Region 14 dove into distance learning and made it work. We had very high participation in daily activities and lessons. The students remained engaged with their learning through a variety of teaching strategies. Families were tasked with supporting our youngest students and to assist with their learning while many parents and guardians were also being required to work from home themselves.

I am very proud to be the principal of Mitchell Elementary School and a part of the amazing communities of Bethlehem and Woodbury which make up Region 14. I wish you all a safe and healthy summer and I am looking forward to the next school year. Be well!


Principal Komar

Principal Komar


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