Principal's Message

Dear Mitchell Families,

As we reunite for another year at Mitchell Elementary School, I know I can say “Thank You” today for the collaboration and support you will provide throughout the upcoming year.

Our work together, school, family and community, is what enables our eagles to succeed within MES, as well as in the world outside of this building.

But, MES is not only a building. Our “building” has grown into a strong community who continues to set high expectations for our students, provides resources to enable our students to reach their goals, as well as the skills to apply their learning long past the fifth grade.

I look forward to our time together, in addition to the continued successes we will share as one.

Jodie Roden

MES Principal Jodie Roden

Jodie Roden

14 School Street
Woodbury, CT 06798


Maryanne Taylor

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