Food Services

Students who purchase lunch at Bethlehem Elementary School are provided each day with a high quality nutritionally balanced meal. All foods are prepared in our school kitchens with special effort to make as many items from scratch as possible. Region 14 student lunch menus also often include fresh vegetables grown in greenhouses and gardens at Nonnewaug High School by students in the Ellis Clark Agriscience and Technology Program.

All lunches must meet the new Recommended Dietary Allowances for lunch and Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Lunch menus are designed to include student’s favorites. In addition to the regular lunch menu, other lunch choices are available at each school daily.

Multiple entrée choices are offered daily along with vegetable, fruit, bread, and milk. Students can also choose from the Boar’s Head Deli items available each day.

Students are allowed to charge lunch. If the charge is not paid within three days, the student will no longer be able to charge or buy snacks.

Students are also allowed to purchase breakfast for an additional cost.


Maryellen Lattanzio - Manager

Bethlehem Elementary School Food Services Staff

BES Food Services Telephone Number

(203) 266-7506 ext 6