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5th Grade v. Teacher Kick Ball Game

5th Grade DARE Students


The top picture is the 5th grade DARE students with Trooper D'Elia and SRO George before the Bethlehem Memorial Day Parade. Below is the entire BES 5th grade class with the Connecticut State Police troopers and their K9s.

1st Grade Green Screen Poetry Celebration

Spring at BES

Welcome Spring Break and baby goat "Miracle!"

Celebrating Para Day at BES

Mrs. Tscheppe's 2nd Grade Gardeners

Check out this great video of Mrs. Tscheppe's class tending to their garden!

BES Talent Show 2016

April Fools Teacher Pranks

Students at BES were greeted with some fun today, April 1 to celebrate April Fools Day! Was that Officer Norm George or Mrs. Ruddock directing busses in?

Mrs. Massimin's 5th Grade Genuis Hour Trailer

BES Student Council sporting their new t-shirts!

First graders writing on their new Samsung tablets.

Mystery Readers Help Celebrate
Dr. Suess Week at BES!

Superintendent Dr. Anna Cutaia-Leonard and Mike Rafferty, Director of Teaching & Learning popped into BES on March 1 to kick off Dr. Suess Week!

100th Day of School

Bull Dog News Edition 2

Learn about all the teaching and learning going on at BES! Watch the 2nd edition of the Bull Dog News, created and produced by the 5th graders at BES with Library Media Specialist Jane Martellino.

Chrome at Home Presentation

Parents and staff of Region 14 participated in a Chrome at Home presentation on January 21 at BES and WMS.

Participants learned valuable tools to help navigate with their child in our Region 14 Chrome Book Initiative. Some areas of education included touch pad secrets, safeguards for home, browsing safety and parental controls.

Hour of Code

Please enjoy the students and staff of BES participating in the Hour of Code on December 10 in this short Youtube video. Observe how focused and engaged the students are….I don’t think I’ve ever seen a whole hour of this level of student concentration, motivation and engagement in over 25 years of being an educator!