Woodbury Middle School students to return full-time on Nov. 2

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Woodbury Middle School students to return full-time on Nov. 2


Woodbury Middle School

WOODBURY — Woodbury Middle School students in 7th and 8th grades will return to the classroom full-time next month after attending a hybrid online and in-school model for the last two months.

Starting Nov. 2, students will begin attending classes four days a week, as opposed to the two-day-a-week, in-person schedule they have been following since the start of school in September, Superintendent of Schools Joseph Olzacki announced this week.

Sixth-graders at Woodbury Middle School are already on a four-day schedule. Olzacki said the decision to bring 7th- and 8th- graders back was based on the current low transmission rate of COVID-19 in the Region 14 towns of Bethlehem and Woodbury.

Students will now attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Previously, students in both grades were split into two groups with some attending classes Monday and Tuesday and the rest on Thursday and Friday.

All students in Region 14 schools will continue to have Wednesdays off to allow staff to prepare for online learning and to disinfect the schools, Olzacki said.

Region 14 elementary schools will also continue to follow a four-day schedule.

Nonnewaug High School students will continue to attend classes on a hybrid schedule with the school operating at half capacity as a social distancing measure.

Olzacki said Woodbury Middle School is large enough to allow social distancing even at full capacity. The high school, on the other hand, does not offer the same level of social distancing opportunities, particularly in the cafeteria, Olzacki said.

The superintendent said the situation is subject to change at any time and that any uptick in COVID-19 spread could result in reverting back to hybrid or full-time online learning.

Region 14 has been fortunate in keeping its COVID numbers low, he said, unlike districts in New Haven and New London areas where schools have already had to revert to online learning only.