UPDATED: Letter From Principal Nemec



Good afternoon WMS Families,

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we make yet another change to this crazy school year. A recent positive test result from a WMS staff member has forced us to make yet another unwanted but necessary adjustment. After contact tracing, the administration has notified all WMS community members who have had close contact with our positive case. If you have not received a call from WMS, you are not affected by this case.

Thank you, and have a good night.

Bill Nemec, Principal Woodbury Middle School


Good Afternoon Woodbury Middle School Families,

As Dr. Olzacki alluded to in his letter, we will be ending in-person learning due to a positive COVID 19 test this weekend. Individual staff and students will be contacted if there is a need to quarantine. If a member of WMS does not contact you, there is no need to quarantine. 

Monday, Nov. 16th will run on our remote learning Wednesday schedule for all students. Teachers will post asynchronous (not live) independent assignments for supportive learning in the morning. Students should continue to check PowerSchool for any missing or incomplete assignments and if necessary work on these as well. 

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, will be a regular scheduled synchronous learning day. These will be standard 38 minute class times, and attendance will be taken. If technology issues exist for staff, teachers will prepare asynchronously for this day.

Once again, Wednesday will be a regularly scheduled remote learning day, and Thursday will stay a supported learning day asynchronously. 

Lunches will be available for pick up at Mitchell and Bethlehem between 12 and 1:30. We are aware that some lunch times are scheduled prior to pick up and are looking at a solution to this. Students may need to eat later in the day. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please understand, when making these decisions, we consider the health and  safety of all of our staff and students. Although not the way we had planned, our staff will do whatever it takes to work with our students and continue to build those relationships that are necessary for student success.

If you have questions regarding the school schedule or other school related issues, please contact us at the main office on Monday or email one of the administrators.

Bill Nemec, Principal Woodbury Middle School





William Nemec

Principal, Woodbury Middle School