Skills 21 - ExpoFest: Online Expo 2020 - WMS Winners


As you may remember, the 8th grade WMS Capstone team ("De Scent It") took home the first place winner in last year's State of CT ExpoFest.

Circumstances being what they are, the Skills 21 team took a pivot to support students around the state working through a virtual ExpoFest...

Woodbury Middle School Represented AGAIN!

I am proud to announce the following:

ExpoFest 3rd place overall winner ExpoFest Team :  VibeCheck (Adam Budrewicz, Nick Higgins, Lucas Almeida, and Rubie Lombardi, and Brody Turner.)

There were several PIP (Personal Interest Project) categories.  The winners from WMS are:

PIP Art:  1st Place:  Melanie Boria

PIP Build:  2nd Place:  Kaitlyn Boyce

PIP Learn:  1st Place:  Rubie Lombardi

PIP Music:  3rd place:  Brendan Toon

PIP Personal/Community Enrichment:  Eva LaVertue

PIP OVERALL WINNER from ALL categories:  2nd place:  Rubie Lombardi

When you "see" these students, please congratulate them on their amazing accomplishment!!


Aimee Shuhart
Library Media Specialist
UA Team Leader
Woodbury Middle School

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