NHS News Update - 1/3/2022

January 3, 2022

Good afternoon,

We hope this new year is off to a great start for everyone. We thank you all for your cooperation as we extended our break for one day to assure proper coverage and supervision of all classes. We are looking forward to a full return to school tomorrow, January 4th, for students and staff.

To assure all students, staff, and families stay safe and healthy we will continue with our mitigation strategies and follow current board policies as it pertains to COVID-19. Some of which are outlined below:

Mask wearing - Mask wearing while in the school buildings is required by all persons regardless of vaccination status. This means a snug fit covering both the mouth and nose. We know this can be a contentious topic, and although we recognize there are differing opinions on this topic, Region #14 schools will follow state and DPH guidelines for mask-wearing in school. We will continue to remind students of their importance and will have masks available for those who need them. Your support with this is greatly appreciated. 

COVID symptoms - If your child is experiencing any symptoms of illness or is awaiting a test result, please keep them home from school until symptoms pass or they test with a negative result. If your child will be absent from school, please be sure to call our absence line with specific information about the reason for the absence. If you have any questions, please contact your medical provider. All absences should be reported to our absence line 203 263-2186 ext.1.

State-issued test kits  -The district will be supplied with a limited number of test kits. A delivery plan is currently being planned from Region 14’s central office. Please look for a future announcement regarding their distribution. These supplies are for emergency services and we recommend testing on your own if possible.

Resources for Students Who Are Absent - When a student is absent from school, we encourage them to check the Google Classroom for each of their courses. Teachers will often post assignments, review materials, links to resources, and answer keys to previous assignments that will help students make up any work or content missed while absent. If your student feels as if they are falling behind and are concerned due to absences, please reach out to their teacher via email or contact your student’s school counselor so he/she can advocate on behalf of the student. We understand that when a child must self-isolate or quarantine extra time will need to be given to students. 

Bussing updates - Please check your emails, as the bus company found it necessary to make some changes and/or combine buses; all affected parties were notified via email. 

Cleaning and sanitation - Our custodial staff will continue their strong efforts to clean and sanitize our schools with particular attention to high traffic areas and touch spots.

We will continue to manage this pandemic and continue to follow the latest recommendations provided by the SDE and the DPH.  We know these recommendations are frequently updated as situations evolve. We will work to inform you of updates as they are approved by our Board of Education. We appreciate your support as we work to provide safe and in-person school opportunities for our students.   

Pamela Sordi, Principal

Taryn Fernandez, Assistant Principal

Declan Curtin, Dean/Athletic Director