Remote Synchronous Learning Plan to Start Friday, November 20th


November 12, 2020

Dear Region 14 Community, Parents and Guardians, Students and Staff:

Let me begin by saying we are all extremely proud of the many wonderful happenings in Region14 this year; the mere fact that we have been able to safely keep our schools open since the first week of September is a remarkable feat. I credit this to everyone in our community - our students, our families, and our staff. Thank you.

We also know that in-person instruction is the most effective model of education and most beneficial to our students’ social and emotional well-being.  Unfortunately, even with our best efforts to keep our students and staff safe, the number of Covid19 cases in Connecticut and our towns, continue to rise at alarming rates. 

To complicate things further, our substitute pool is depleted as more of our staff become infected and need to quarantine due to the virus. We have seen a number of districts in the state close because of the need to contact trace and/or they have staff members who need to quarantine for potential COVID exposures.  To keep our classrooms adequately staffed, we have worked together to provide coverage for classes with in-house staff to the best of our ability when substitutes are not available; however, we recognize that this is not a sustainable situation.

With the holidays approaching, more and more families have shared their travel plans and gatherings with me and this will directly impact our quarantine efforts and our staffing.  Combined with the increase in Covid19 diagnoses, lack of substitutes, and for the health and safety of the district, we have made the decision to move to remote synchronous learning beginning Friday, November 20th.  Students will be required to sign in from home for supportive learning on Wednesday and Thursday, November 18th and 19th as teachers prepare for this transition.  Remote synchronous learning is defined as teachers working with students in a virtual environment.  You should also expect to receive correspondence from each of the schools outlining their specific schedules and expectations.  All being well, we plan to return to our current schedule on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. 

We recognize closing school(s) for any period of time, depending on the timing and scope of the situation, significantly impacts our families.  We need to continue to work together and look out for one another as we navigate the challenges we currently face.  You are always welcomed and encouraged to contact me with any additional concerns.


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Dr. Olzacki


Helpful Links:

We follow the guidelines put forth in the State Department of Education’s Addendum 5 regarding the district’s 14 day quarantine requirement.

For information about the procedures for contact tracing in Region 14 Public Schools, please see: Pomperaug Health District COVID-19 Guidance for School Systems.

For more information on what to do if you or a family member has possible symptoms, a diagnosis, or exposure to COVID-19, please see:

For those who would like to be employed part time - including NHS alumni who are engaged in remote learning from home for college. At this time Region 14 will cover the cost of fingerprint processing and you will have flexibility regarding the days you are available to work.   

For additional information please visit our website, or contact Wendy Rossi, Human Resources, (203) 405-8413