GOOD NEWS! We will be bringing "All" Students Back on January 19th. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


January 13, 2021

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Region 14:

Good news!  We are bringing ALL students back January 19th. Please read closely.

As we stated at every Board of Education meeting, our intent was, and remains, to bring the entire district back to school. The lack of substitutes, coupled with CDC/Health District distancing guidelines, specifically at Nonnewaug High School, precluded us from doing so. However, we never stopped thinking about the best interests of our students and their families. We have been spending a great deal of time researching schedules that would allow us to accomplish our goal.

That being said, and again, in an effort to do what is in the best interests of our students, we will return to school fully on January 19th at “all” Region 14 schools, with an amended schedule and “Grab and Go” lunches. This will alleviate one of our largest hurdles regarding the lunchrooms and subsequent mask removal.  School will be conducted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in person with a shortened day schedule. Students will be provided with “Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch” as they leave for home each day. (Please remember all meals must be cooked before consuming and children should be reminded that lunches are to be eaten at home, not on the bus). With the new schedule, teachers will now have office hours in the afternoon to address the needs of remote learners.  Wednesdays will remain a remote day. This will allow for more personalized learning in small groups and for remote-only learners to participate virtually in learning with their classmates.

The pandemic rages on and we again are asking, pleading with everyone to wear masks and limit outside school exposure so that new infections do not keep occurring. The science tells us that this is not a child issue, but rather an adult issue.  Adults experience the virus significantly more than children, but children spread the disease.  Rest assured that all of our buildings are clean and ready for the arrival of students.  Students will also have assigned bus seats to help control the spread of the virus and easily identify those who may have been exposed and revealed through contract tracing.

The new times and schedules for each of the schools are noted below. Individual schools will be disseminating specific information regarding their schedules and times very shortly.

Thank you and as always, “it’s always about the children.”


Dr. Joseph Olzacki

Superintendent of Schools


NHS - Start time - 7:25am - Dismissing/Lunch pick-up 12:20pm

WMS - Start time - 7:25am - Dismissing/Lunch pick-up 12:20pm

MES - Start time - 8:15am - Dismissing/Lunch pick-up 1:10pm

BES - Start time - 8:15am - Dismissing/Lunch pick-up 1:10pm