District Survey Results - April and May


District Survey April-May Charts


Results of our parent survey on distance learning have been beneficial for Teaching and Learning in assessing our distance learning. The majority of parents at all four schools believe the amount of work their child receives is about right. A concern that the schools and community will need to address is the social and emotional well-being of our children. Though a majority of parents at all four schools state their child’s emotional well-being is the same, a growing number of parents from the last survey report a decline in their child’s emotional well-being during our time of social distancing and shelter in place. This data supports Region 14’s implementation this fall of the RULER program on social and emotional learning in the elementary schools, and staff RULER training at the middle school.

Elementary parents continue to show the struggle in assisting their child, as many have to balance childcare and their own work. At the secondary level students are more self-sufficient. Secondary level students show a need for more differentiation of learning activities in order to reach a wider range of learners. Though parents are overall satisfied, and have expressed their appreciation, the district will continue to commit professional learning and planning to provide more engaging learning in the distance learning format. We thank parents for their support and understanding during this emergency situation, requiring a quick shift to a virtual classroom.

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