A message from the Board of Education Chairman regarding recent board actions

With many recent issues and concerns throughout the district, the Board wants to move forward in improving the climate and increase the focus on educating our students. To do this, the Board cannot rely on hearsay and will continue to gather facts to address concerns. At the special meeting of the Region 14 Board of Education on February 18th two actions were taken.

  • The scope of the investigation of the Superintendent's performance specific to the vaccine program was expanded to general performance review.
  • The Superintendent of Schools was placed on administrative leave with pay effective immediately until further notice and/or pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Region 14 Board of Education awaits the outcome of the review. In the meantime, we have full confidence in the District's  leadership team to support the education of our students and sustain operations. Wayne McAllister will be taking over day to day leadership of operations of the district near term. 

Thank You,

George Bauer