Please Help Support our Local Food Pantries


Local Food Bank Information Page


Dear Parents and Friends of Region 14,

The Woodbury Foodbank and Bethlehem Cares are in need our help.  Nonperishable food is quickly being used by families in need during this difficult time.  As a family, we need to work together to help by spreading the word that there is a need and to also begin collecting for our food pantries to help replenish their supply.

Since we are providing lunches for every Region 14 student, being picked up at both Mitchell Elementary School and Bethlehem Elementary School already, it makes sense to use these areas for food drop off as well.  Every day from 12:00 -1:00pm, a bin will be placed next to the sandwich pick up for drop off of nonperishable items.  If you cannot make it during that time, we will have a bin outside Woodbury Middle School front doors every day.  You need only drive up and drop off to donate.

In times of stress, you can rely on our community, our family. Especially during times like this we must to continue to help support each other.

As always, if you need me, please call me at 860-318-6566.

With great thanks,

Dr. O