The state standards (Connecticut Core Standards) provide an outline of what all students should know and be able to do in each course at each grade level. A curriculum spells out the plan for implementing the standards. The curriculum sets priorities for the content, establishes a scope and sequence, refines learning goals, suggests pacing, and identifies key resources (such as a textbook series or program) that can be used to support student learning. The curriculum provides a road map for teachers to navigate and guarantees consistency from classroom to classroom and school to school to assure that students, regardless of their specific teacher, get approximately the same instructional program.

Teachers are the educational professionals who bring the curriculum alive through organizing the curriculum into units of instruction and daily lessons. The teachers must match the learning goals to the specific learning needs and styles of the students in order to help students master the content.

Curriculum summaries are below. Please click the links to the left to view curriculum documents for specific grade levels.

Region 14 Curriculum Summaries