Teaching & Learning

Region 14’s Teaching & Learning Department manages the curriculum standards for students as well as the professional learning for teachers.

With a diverse student population of active and eager learners, the mission of the Teaching & Learning Department is to nurture each student’s interests, abilities and goals through a curriculum designed to encourage, elevate and inspire our students. Region 14 offers students a broad curriculum designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our community with varied course offerings from agriculture to coding and everything in between.

With a recent move by the state of Connecticut to adopt the national Common Core Standards, the Region 14 curriculum will reflect these standards with clear expectations of student performance at each grade level. These outlined standards, which include uniform and clearly defined skills, content and understandings are designed to prepare our students for 21st century study, work and life.

Region 14 has also implemented Professional Learning Days for teachers weekly throughout the year. Professional Learning Wednesdays help teachers implement curriculum while learning and practicing, further teaching strategies. In a supportive and positive environment, teaches in our four schools can collaborate with colleagues to better understand and use data to inform instruction.

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Wendy Nelson Kauffman



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