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Emergency Response Plans

In conjunction with local and state health and safety authorities, all schools in Region 14 have fully developed and implemented Emergency Response Plans designed to meet current health and safety guidelines. The faculty and staff review this plan on a yearly basis and more often if world or national events warrant it. Many of the security features of this plan are active on a daily basis and are part of the regular fabric of the school. This includes, but is not limited to, attendance and tardy record keeping, a sign-in/sign-out procedure, and monitoring of all entrances. These actions are most effective when parents and visitors to the school follow the guidelines issued in the District Handbook and adhere to reminders sent out throughout the school year.

The entire faculty and staff are aware of student safety issues and maintain a safe and secure environment for our students on a daily basis. We are proud of the fact that there have been no instances where a student has been placed in jeopardy due to any factors that are within the scope of our responsibility. This is a record we intend to keep through the vigilance and dedication of all school personnel. Please contact the school's principal with any questions or concerns you may have.