District Advisory Committee

The mission of the District Advisory Committee is as follows:
The DAC shall review and study Region 14’s demographics and facilities and shall make a recommendation to the BOE on the same as to possible actions needed to ensure proper use and adequacy of our facilities now and for future generations of students.

The District Advisory Committee, made up of community members and members of the Region 14 Board of Education as well as consultants from Silver/Petrucelli, has been meeting monthly since last fall to study the future of facilities in Region 14.

Monthly meetings have focused on issues including age and use of the school buildings, enrollment projections, and demographics. The group’s multi-faceted studies have paved the way for decision making to establish the key criteria to evaluate and rate the options for the district. Below please click on links to the public presentation to the communities of Bethlehem & Woodbury.

DAC Presentation December 4 & 11, 2018

Master Plan for Region 14


Region 14 District Advisory Enrollment Projections


Facilities & Demographic Assessment Report 2-1-19

facilities report

Committee Members

The BOE members:
  • Janet Morgan
  • Pam Zmek
  • Dave Lampart

Community Members:

  • James Agostine (chair)
  • Jim Crocker
  • Stan Love
  • Vin Bove
  • Nancy Grasing

Agendas & Minutes