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Business Services

The Business Services Office of Region 14 Schools is located at 5 Minortown Road in Woodbury. The Office is open from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.

The Business Services Team is responsible for the financial and business operations of the Region 14 School District. Operations that fall under Business Services include all financial operations -- budget, accounting, forecasts, risk management, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, billing, grants accounting, and reporting.

The Business Services Office also oversees administering employee benefits along with many state, federal, and auditor compliance and reporting requirements. In addition, all Region 14 building maintenance, planning, district transportation, and food services are overseen by this office.

Financial Information

Please click on the links below for financial information on Regional School District 14.

Aggregate Spending



Tina Tanguay

Region 14 Central Office
5 Minortown Road
Woodbury, CT 06798
(203) 263-4330
Fax (203) 263-0372

Office Hours
8:00 am - 4:00 pm