NHS Litigation Information

The Region 14 Board of Education has been working for a number of years to address the various needs of each of our facilities. A June 2013 referendum in favor of the Nonnewaug High School Building Project was challenged in court.

After several years in litigation, the Supreme Court in October 2015 validated that June 2013 referendum and the NHS Building Project is now moving forward.

Letter from Dr. Anna Cutaia-Leonard on the October 2015 decision

Read the Litchfield Court Decision 12/9/2013

Click below for documents filed regarding the Litchfield case

  1. Joint Trial Brief 10/24/13
  2. Defendants Post Trial Memo 10/25/13
  3. Joint Trial Brief 10/30/13
  4. Defendants Post Trial Memo 10/30/13

Click below for documents filed regarding the Waterbury case

  1. Revised Complaint 9/20/13
  2. R14 Objection to Motion to Transfer 10/22/13
  3. Arras MOL Motion to Strike 10/25/13
  4. Defendants Objection & Memo in Opposition to Motion for Rehearing 11/6/13
  5. Decision on Motion for Contempt 1/29/13