STAR Preschool Program

(203) 263-0202

The mission of the STAR (Services in Therapies and Readiness) program is to provide an environment within the Region 14 school district which fosters early childhood development and pre-academic skills in order to best prepare our students for kindergarten.

The goal of the STAR program is to enable these children to reach their own unique learning potential as adaptable, lifelong problem solvers and learners.

We are committed to provide a program that:

  • Incorporates a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on the State of Connecticut benchmarks for preschool academic success set in a play based and language rich environment
  • Allows for each child to explore his/her environment through hands on learning opportunities
  • Facilitates functional communication and promotes a child’s ability and need to express himself/herself
  • Fosters social relationships and the importance of responding to and initiating social contacts within the preschool setting
  • learning to share, take turns and work as a team when completing tasks
  • Allows for optimal sensory – motor development
  • Appreciates the importance of movement and music within a child’s daily routine
  • Welcomes family involvement and participation in their child’s preschool classroom

The STAR program utilizes a collaborative approach that equally values the contribution of all professional staff within our preschool environment. The STAR program views family as valuable members of the team who are essential to children’s growth and we are dedicated to supporting their role.

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