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Food Services


2015‐2016 Healthy Food Celebration Guidelines

Buying Lunch at School


The school lunch provides a nutritionally balanced meal for your child.  School lunch provides healthy school meals that are consistent with the Recommended Dietary Allowances ( RDA ), the calorie goals and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


A school lunch is less expensive than a lunch of equal nutritional value packed at home.


To read the entire informational letter from Peter Brooks, Food Services Director regarding the Region 14 computerized debit system, click here



Free and Reduced Price Meal Application



For information and instructions about the District's Free and Reduced Price Meal application, click here


 Online Prepayment Option for Food Services



To make a payment, check the status of your account or view your purchasing history click on the following website



Healthy School Meals


Healthy school meals encompasses more than just meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  It also means meeting the following Goals.




·  Incorporate culinary principles of taste and presentation.

·  Focus on customers served, incorporating regional, cultural and other preferences.

·  Provide safe meals for children.

·  Make meals accessible to all children.

·  Reinforce classroom nutrition education by providing a “learning laboratory” for healthy food choices.

·  Assist in increasing appreciation of food origins, cultural food history, variety of foods and relationship to environment and agriculture.

·  Provide education in the preparation and service of healthy, economical meals.

·  Link with a school nutrition policy promoting healthy food choices throughout the school.


Lunch Prices


The Regional School District #14 Lunch Program is non-profit and lunches are offered at the lowest cost possible.


Elementary Schools $2.70

Middle School $3.10

High School $3.10

Boar's Head Lunch $3.50 @ Middle & HS

Milk    $0.50

Federal and state reimbursements along with government commodities help offset the cost of lunches for students.

A la Carte prices are set to encourage students to buy a student lunch, the best nutritional buy.


Prices are set by the Board of Education and are adjusted occasionally to reflect the fluctuating costs of food, labor and medical benefits.


Students at the Elementary Schools are allowed to charge lunch.  If the charge is not paid within three days, the student will receive a cheese sandwich and the student will no longer be able to charge or buy snacks.


Lunch Offerings


All foods are prepared in our school kitchens with special effort to make as many items from scratch as possible. All lunches must meet the new Recommended Dietary Allowances ( 1/3 RDA ) for lunch and Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  Wholesome ingredients like whole wheat flour along with nuts and raisins are used in our baked goods.  Low fat alternatives, such as ground turkey and chicken hot dogs also are incorporated into the lunch menu.


Lunch menus are designed to include students favorites.


In addition to the regular lunch menu, other lunch choices are available at each school daily.


Elementary Schools

Three (5) entree choices are offered daily.

With Vegetable, Fruit, Bread and Milk


Middle School

Choice of

One (1) entrée or choices

Boar's Head Deli Bar


Salad Platter


High School

Choice of

Hot Lunch

Pizza Lunch

Deli Bar

Featuring Boar's Head Deli Meats 



Student also have the option of buying any of the above items A La Carte along with our grill station where a student may purchase a grilled sandwich, French fries or soup


Salad Platters are made fresh and offered daily

All lunches include entree, vegetable, fruit, bread and milk.


A La Carte Items


In addition to the lunch choices, a number of other items are also available. These items are:


french fries, sides of vegetables, fruits, salads, sandwiches, ice cream, snack items and bagels. 


We encourage students to choose from the many lunches that are available. It is not only nutritionally smart, but also the best buy in town.


What is the Lunch Program trying to accomplish?


The goal of Region #14 Lunch Program is to provide students with high quality, nutritious meals at a reasonable cost.  Eligible students receive meals free or at a reduced price.


Nutrition Standards and Dietary Guidelines


The lunch program is governed by the United States Department of Agriculture and the State Department of Education regulations.  All menus must meet the Recommended Dietary Allowances ( 1/3 RDA) for lunch and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


Dietary Guidelines


Eat a variety of foods, limit total fat to 30 percent of calories, limit saturated fat to less than 10 percent of calories, choose a diet low in cholesterol, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and grain products, use salt and sodium in moderation.


Lunch includes  entree, vegetable, fruit, bread and milk. Students may take all the items offered or any combination of three or more items. Price will remain the same for any combination.  We encourage students to take the whole meal, not only for the best nutrition, but also for the best dollar value.


Aren’t School Lunches Starchy?


Carbohydrates (starch) and fats are the major source of energy in the American diet.  Nutritionists recommend that the Americans increase their consumption of complex carbohydrates (starch) and decrease their intake of fats.


Calories from complex carbohydrates such as whole grain breads, cereals, fruit and vegetables also add fiber to the diet.


In order to limit simple carbohydrates (sugar), desserts are often replaced by fruit.  Baked goods are made with ingredients which add fiber to the diet.


Students need more calories than adults as they are growing.  The teenage boy has the greatest caloric need of any human being.  School lunches are designed for growing students.  They may provide excess calories for adults.



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